Advice Based Model

A consultative approach to Financial Planning. This includes more THAN the assets that you have and the insurance you use to protect it. This model is a year-long contract dedicated to your entire financial picture- not just focusing on wealth accumulation and risk management.

This model is best suited for families, individuals, and/or business owners who desire guidance on how the six key areas affect each other and work together to complete a financial plan.

Is Your Financial Team Missing a Key Component?

In addition to your CPA, estate attorney, and tax attorney, you should have a trusted resource to help develop strategies to manage your wealth with a more hands-on approach. We are a team of professionals who like to see the full picture, while also helping you put the smaller pieces together. 

Whether you are looking for an on-going financial planner or looking for a financial professional to help develop strategies for managing your wealth, we can serve in the capacity that is appropriate for your situation. 

advice based model

We act like your “personal CFO” (or Certified Financial Officer) by developing strategies to help manage your finances and advising you to make the appropriate decisions. Part of our approach includes addressing 6 key areas (outlined below); we look at your entire financial picture and discuss how your 6 key areas can work together in harmony.

The Six Key Areas of Financial Planning

Financial Position

  • Recently moved or considering a relocation 
  • Considering the sale of a major asset like your home, business, or other real estate
  • Changing jobs
  • Getting married or divorced
  • Adding to family through birth or adoption
  • Loss of a loved one 
  • Receiving a gift or inheritance 

Risk Management

  • Reviewing health savings account contributions 
  • Spending any remaining balance in flexible spending accounts
  • Reviewing existing life and disability income insurance policies and coverage amounts 
  • Reviewing assisted living needs for a parent or other family member
  • Reviewing any long-term care needs

Wealth Accumulation

  • Confirming investment goals and strategies 
  • Reviewing asset allocation
  • Revisiting income and savings needs 
  • Contributing to education accounts 
  • Establishing a savings plan for a major purchase or expense goal

Tax Management

  • Income tax strategies 
  • Alternative minimum tax strategies 
  • Capital gain/loss strategies

Retirement Planning

  • Social Security  
  • Distribution planning 
  • Funding analysis 
  • Non-qualified plans 
  • Analyzing tax benefits of a Roth IRA conversion 
  • Maximizing 401(k) contribution including catch-up contributions 
  • Maximizing IRA contributions including catch-up contributions 
  • Establishing a retirement plan, if a business owner
  • Reviewing overall retirement income strategy

Estate Planning

  • Using a trust  
  • Reviewing charitable giving 
  • Reviewing the impact of any new tax laws 
  • Reviewing estate documents (wills, trusts)
  • Planning for the succession of a business 
  • Analyzing estate tax implications 

We want our clients to know we’re here to help them no matter what. If you want to know more about how we can help you, schedule an introductory call. 

* Any discussion of taxes is for general information purposes only, does not purport to be complete or cover every situation, and should not be construed as legal, tax, or accounting advice. Estate Planning services are provided working in conjunction with your Estate Planning Attorney, Tax Attorney and/or CPA. Consult them for specific advice on legal and tax matters.