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Why I Became a Financial Advisor 

By Christopher Price, CFP®, RICP®, ChFC®, C(K)P®

When you know, you know. That was absolutely the case when I decided on my career path. It all started in college when I took a financial planning class. What I learned opened my eyes to the importance of financial planning and how much it impacts the rest of your life. 

For context, this was not long after the 2008 financial crisis. During that time, I saw many families struggle with lost wealth and the ramifications of leaving their futures vulnerable to the whims of the economy. I decided the most significant impact I could make in someone’s life would be to become a financial planner. I wanted to teach people how to make a plan for their money, prepare for challenges, decrease financial stress, and look to the future with confidence. 

Building My Career

After graduating from Susquehanna University in 2010 with a double major in finance and entrepreneurship, I started financial planning by getting my FINRA series seven and became an IAR by getting my Series 66. As soon as I was eligible, I went for the highest designation my industry has to offer. I achieved the title CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Then, I became a Retirement Income Certified Professional® and Chartered Financial Consultant®. Initially, my focus was on executing financial strategies, but the more I worked with clients, the more I saw the need for education. Finances can be complicated, and people often feel overwhelmed. I have made it my goal to simplify the complexity of finances so my clients feel empowered and equipped to make the best decisions for their lives and dreams. Because of my passion for education, I provide workshops on various financial topics to continually bring thoughtful, understandable financial answers to those who need it. I consider myself not only an advisor but an instructor who can guide you through whatever life transitions come your way and help you stay on track toward your ideal future. 

At Coastal Wealth, our team works hard to create a safe environment where you can freely ask the financial questions that plague you and know that you will get an honest answer. We build long-term, personal relationships that allow our team to bridge the gap between your life—what you care about and what you dream of—and your money. We believe in using a collaborative process with our clients to help put all the puzzle pieces of your finances together. 

The Best Part

There’s not much that’s more fulfilling than knowing you’ve made a difference in someone else’s life. Whether it’s celebrating with a client when he or she reaches a goal or setting up proactive guardrails to prevent a setback down the road, my favorite days are the ones when I get to share in others’ successes and help them live the lives they’ve only dreamed of. My motivation lies in doing the best I can for every client I serve, growing in my role, and always striving for excellence.

Are You Ready for a Different Financial Future?

Our team would love to meet you, get to know you, and hear about your goals, your worries, and the opportunities and challenges you face in your financial life. If you’re ready to see what financial planning can do for you, reach out to us at (954) 625-1531 or [email protected] to schedule an introductory meeting.

About Christopher

Christopher Price is a financial advisor and investment advisor representative at Coastal Wealth, a full-service financial planning firm dedicated to going the extra mile to serve its clients with excellence. With over 10 years of experience, Christopher works with high-net-worth and business owner clients, using an educational approach to guide them through the opportunities and challenges they face so they can pursue their goals with confidence. Christopher is known for building long-lasting relationships with his clients and for providing a safe environment for clients to ask questions, receive honest and understandable answers, and become empowered to make the best financial decisions for their lives. Christopher graduated from Susquehanna University with a bachelor’s degree, double majoring in finance and entrepreneurship. He also holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®), and Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) professional designations. Christopher’s passion for education has led to him partnering with his community to provide workshops on a variety of financial topics that inspire financial literacy and confidence. He also founded a not-for-profit organization called Invest in Knowledge, where he and his team coach the community and local organizations through their financial journeys.

When he’s not working, you can find Christopher exploring his many interests and pursuing his extensive goals, including studying for his pilot’s license, traveling, playing baseball or golf, enjoying the ocean outside his front door, or taking his dog, Ranger, to the dog park. He also loves to donate his time and money to local charities and causes he cares about. To learn more about Christopher, connect with him on LinkedIn.